Success in Leadership and Excellence Program

LEAP 2017 (Leadership and Excellence in Athletics Program) program carried out by Azerbaijan Athletics Federation, National Olympic Committee,  Ministry Youth and Sports and Ministry of Education. Program is designed for schoolchildren as part of the training in school lessons. 2017 LEAP program's goal is to train young leaders through athletics.

The next such type of  trainings were organized in "Ankara School", 200 of the school-lyceum complex, as well as the 189-190 and 27 secondary schools. Students are involved to encouraged in sports and to continuously improve their leadership skills, more than 100 schoolchildren of the 8-10 classes took part in the program. The exercises will continue until the end of the year in other secondary schools.

Fun, safe and practical training for the students of outdoor games was organized by physical education teachers graduated from the training course of UK Athletics Association, which was held in Baku in March of this year. About 14 people took part in a teacher trainer. The organizers award all the students with certificates.

The 2017 World Championships in Athletics a joint program of the Association of British athletics and "UK Sport" will hold in London. The best coaches and teachers involved in the project  will have the right to participate for the World Championships in Athletics which will be held in London in 2017 .